Certified to teach

Pennsylvania State Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training – Firearms Module Arizona Concealed Carry Course for their Concealed Carry Permit Utah Concealed Carry Course for their Concealed Carry Permit(Expired but renewable) Ohio Concealed Firearms Carry Class for their Concealed Carry Permit Security Services in the State of Colorado (Expired but renewable) Law Enforcement: Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Sub Machine-Gun & Tactical Shooting

Licenses or certifications currently held

Pennsylvania Private Detective Licenses # MCPD 119 New York Private Detective Licenses # 11000121330 Ohio Private Investigator & Security Company # 201121001811 California Private Investigator Licenses # 8830 California Guard Licenses- # GX 367475         California Exposed Weapon Card # 93599 Colorado Dept of Higher Education-Certified Security Instructor(Expired but renewable) Certified to Teach Private Investigator Continuing Education Credit Courses in: TX, LA, IN Pennsylvania Certified Agent, Lethal Weapons # 038388 & Instructor Certified # 0498 (Act 235) NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor: Pistol, Revolver & Shotgun, Tactical NRA Shooting Range Safety Officer State of Ohio Shooting Range Safety Officer & Concealed Firearms Carry Instructor State of Ohio Shooting School “Commander” (Certified to run a Security Firearms School) Expired but renewable Bonded Locksmith Parachute & Scuba Certified Baton & Chemical Agent Certified-Pennsylvania and California Working Gun Permit for Private Investigators & Security Agents – Ohio, Pennsylvania & California Concealed Firearms Licenses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Utah & Florida. Reciprocal in 36 more States

certified instructor-law enforcement and civilian Concealed firearms instructor, certified currently or in the past by:

Pennsylvania State Police-Lethal Weapon (Act 235) Trainer National Rifle Association-Law Enforcement Department, Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Sub Machine-gun, and Tactical Shooting Colorado Department of Higher Education-DIV Occupational Schools State of Arizona Department of Public Safety State of Utah Department of Public Safety Hocking County Ohio Sheriff Department Fairfield County Ohio Sheriff Department

Services | Warren h. Levicoff can help you WORLDWIDE with:

Warren h. Levicoff can help you WORLDWIDE with:

  • Locating missing persons & fugitives
  • Insurance defense and death investigations
  • Bail Enforcement & Fugitive Recovery
  • Due diligence backgrounds on companies & individuals
  • Executive Protection & protection of personal, equipment, property & information
  • Certified to Teach Law Enforcement Firearms & has taught, Covert Entry & Lock Picking to Police
  • Certain types of Domestic problems and surveillance
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