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He started, part time, in the PI business in 1961 as a legal photographer and is currently licensed as a PI & Security Agent, Insured and bonded in the following USA states:

Pennsylvania # MCPD 119
California # 8830

Ohio # 201121001811

New York # 11000121330


Overseas offices

London England, Hong Kong, Guangzhou China, Taipei Taiwan, Ljubljana Slovenia, & Kiev Ukraine. 

Warren has given instruction to police, security persons and civilians, locally, nationally and worldwide. He was an instructor and consultant to the Defense Ministry of the Philippines, consultant to King Fahd Abdul Aziz, of Saudi Arabia and for the Detective Division of the Palestine Authority Police Department. 

He was hired as an expert witness by the National political party of Taiwan China to investigate the shooting of President Chen Shui-Bian and proved it to have been fraudulent. As an instructor at Executive Security International of Aspen Colorado, he has taught legal photography, surveillance, and bail enforcement. At times, he was a firearms columnist for The Professional Investigator, The Voice of the American Bounty Hunter and Pursuit Magazine.


USA PI: Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Texas, Florida and California

International PI: The World Association of Detectives, Council of International Investigators, Intellenet, United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network & Investigations Worldwide-Germany.

Voted first recipient of the “Most Outstanding International Investigator of The Year” award by UK’s World Association of Professional Investigators, at the 4th European Detective Congress in London England. He is currently this association’s representative for the USA. He is on the Board of the International Association of Legal Research & Investigation in Yerevan Armenia and a member of the Asian Professional Security Association, Singapore Chapter.


He was on the advisory board of the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents for ten years and was a adjunct instructor for them and for the National Institute of Bail Enforcement in Arizona. Currently on the board of the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents. 

About Warren H. Levicoff

Warren Levicoff has had his own PI License for over 40 years. He has been an investigator, executive protection agent, security consultant, legal photographer, fugitive recovery agent & law enforcement firearms instructor nationally and worldwide. He has done freelance assignments for the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, Task-force on Organized Crime & Racketeering, Intelligence Division of Mexico Customs, Government of Taiwan, Defense Ministry of the Philippines, South Korean INTERPOL, Scotland Yard, the Saudi Royal Family & the President of Kenya. He has worked for security companies, businesses, governments, individuals, police, insurance companies and attorneys worldwide. He is the managing director of International Detective Services Ltd of the USA & London England. This company specializes in handling sub-contract assignments for, Attorneys, other private investigators, bail bond companies and insurance adjusters in almost all foreign countries. He is Vice President in charge of international cases & executive protection for Target Research & Investigation Corporation of New York City. 

For the last 30 years, Warren Levicoff has been the chief Investigator for all of Philadelphia’s Legal Aid Services & was the recipient of the Volunteers For The Indigent’s highest honor, The Chief Justice Brennan award.  His 25 years of bail fugitive recovery has given him expertise in locating abducted children, missing persons & skip chasing people domestically & worldwide. Warren is a court certified or court accepted expert witness in Crossing International Borders, Firearms/Shooting cases & Bail Enforcement in NY, CA, FL,  WV, PA, & Taipei Taiwan China. He was on the defense  team for Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya in the case against him in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

He is computer literate, speaks “travelers” Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. He has worked and traveled in every state in the USA except Hawaii, and in the following countries, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Arab Emirate, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas USVI, Martinique, St. Martin, Aruba, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & The Ukraine.

A graduate of the US Army Still Photography School, he was hand picked for assignment to the US Military Academy at West Point from 1964 to 1967. During this period he was also freelancer photographer for United Press International and Life Magazine in New York. Law enforcement photography training was received through the U.S. Army, the Philadelphia Police Department Photo Lab and Evidence Photographers International Council.,

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