Services - International Detective Services Ltd.

Warren H. Levicoff can help you WORLDWIDE with:

  • Locating missing persons
  • Insurance defense and death investigations
  • Bail Enforcement & Fugitive Recovery
  • Due diligence backgrounds on companies & individuals
  • Executive Protection & protection of personal, equipment, property & information
  • Certified to Teach Law Enforcement Firearms & has taught, Covert Entry & Lock Picking to Police
  • Certain types of Domestic problems and surveillance

Certified instructor, law enforcement and civilian concealed firearms. Certified currently or in the past by:

  • Pennsylvania State Police-Lethal Weapon (Act 235) Trainer
  • National Rifle Association-Law Enforcement Department, Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Sub Machine-gun, and Tactical Shooting
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education-DIV Occupational Schools
  • State of Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • State of Utah Department of Public Safety
  • Hocking County Ohio Sheriff Department
  • Fairfield County Ohio Sheriff Department

Licenses or certifications currently held:

  • Pennsylvania Private Detective Licenses # MCPD 119
  • New York Private Detective Licenses # 11000121330
  • Ohio Private Investigator & Security Company # 201121001811
  • California Private Investigator Licenses # 8830
  • California Exposed Weapon Card # 93599
  • Colorado Dept of Higher Education-Certified Security Instructor(Expired but renewable)
  • Certified to Teach Private Investigator Continuing Education Credit Courses in: TX, LA, IN
  • Pennsylvania Certified Agent, Lethal Weapons # 038388 & Instructor Certified # 0498 (Act 235)
  • NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor: Pistol, Revolver & Shotgun, Tactical NRA Shooting Range Safety Officer
  • State of Ohio Shooting Range Safety Officer & Concealed Firearms Carry Instructor
  • State of Ohio Shooting School “Commander” (Certified to run a Security Firearms School) Expired but renewable
  • Bonded Locksmith for 25 years
  • Parachute & Scuba Certified
  • Baton & Chemical Agent Certified-Pennsylvania and California 
  • Working Gun Permit for Private Investigators & Security Agents – Pennsylvania & California
  • Concealed Firearms Licenses in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Utah. Reciprocal in 38 more States

Certified to teach:

  • Pennsylvania State Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training – Firearms Module 
  • Arizona Concealed Carry Course for their Concealed Carry Permit
  • Utah Concealed Carry Course for their Concealed Carry Permit(Expired but renewable)
  • Ohio Concealed Firearms Carry Class for their Concealed Carry Permit
  • Security Services in the State of Colorado (Expired but renewable)
  • Law Enforcement: Pistol, Revolver, Shotgun, Sub Machine-Gun & Tactical Shooting
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